Death and Life, Re-Lease of Entanglements.

The major group energy right now exists as the picture depicts. One person leading, another hanging onto to that one persons ankle (think alpha and beta in wolf packs) with another hanging on another’s ankle and so on.

The Shift of Time and Energy!

Before I get into the thick of this sharing, so I do not forget to mention this… again, I want everyone to know that I do not send you anything from the Nation when you go to sign up and do not complete sign up.  Even tho my name is in the auto sender, I have no clue who is doing what.  It is something that is just part of the automated system of the membership sign up thingie.  I have gotten so many emails explaining why… I would have never known this was happening without those emails.  And trust me, I sure as hell would not be asking you why you did not complete membership setup, that would just be rude of me, IMHO.  So please, if anyone gets that automated sender asking if something is wrong… ignore it, please, it’s not from me.  Thanx ❤

Now onto our…

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