War Cries Need To Be Silenced! And MSM Needs To Tell The Truth!


The War Cry Is Getting Louder & Louder, It’s Time To Silence It – Episode 1325b

Trump compares Russian hacking to the false narrative regarding Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. IMF and the US leave Ukraine completely broke. Tillerson says US fully supports the Minsk agreements. US pushes sanctions and regime change in North Korea. Russia was to talk about the draft UNSC resolution and look for a diplomatic approach with China. Tulsi Gabbard says its understandable what North Korea is doing because look at what the US has done in the Middle East. North Korea sees nuclear weapons as a deterrent to the Deep State attempting a regime change in North Korea.

The Deep State wants war and if they can’t start it with the launch of missiles by North Korea they’ll find another way. Now the US alleges North Koreans are being employed in forced Russian labor camps…

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