Canada scandal: how does Minister of Defence still have a job?

A mistake is not the same as a lie.
What sets a politician apart from the average citizens.
Answer: Citizens make mistakes all the time but seldom tell bold faced lies, Politiciians on the other hand seldom makes mistakes, but lie all the time. Lyimg is part of their job description. I say we fire the lot of rhem.

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Canada scandal: how does Minister of Defence still have a job?

Will wonders never cease?

by Jon Rappoport

July 5, 2017

I write about this one because the “mistake” excuse is prominent. I love the “mistake.” Politicians invoke it all the time when their backs are against the wall. They didn’t do anything wrong. They didn’t lie on purpose.

They made a mistake—something on the level of forgetting to turn off the lights in the basement after climbing up the stairs to the kitchen.

Here are the charges, as reported by CTV News: “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his embattled defence minister endured a withering question-period offensive Monday as opposition MPs accused Harjit Sajjan of ‘stolen valour’ for overstating his role in planning a 2006 battle in Afghanistan.”

“Opposition parties trained their sights squarely on Sajjan, who apologized again in the House of Commons for having described himself as the…

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