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Gaia Portal Interpretations for March

Here’s a little catch-up on the March Gaia messages.  Not as much in this first post as I’d hoped, but I’ll just keep posting as I get them done.

Gaia’s words are in bold and my italicized takes follow each of those lines.

Only Gettin’ Better

Storms of compliance awaken the hu-beings


Storms of compliance awaken the hu-beings.

Lately, there have been waves of people waking up from brainwash.  That has created storms of conversation of people who see what is going on with this planet; storms of conversation about spirit;  about Freedom; storms of compliance to Goodness, Spirit, and Truth.  Those storms are awakening even more regular people.  (Regular is my term for the unawakened—what Gaia Portal calls hu-beings.)

Flashes of constructives illuminate the closed minds.

They begin to “get it”.  A closed mind will get flashes of understanding; make inferences; get bits…

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