Love Truth

(I found some extra time.., and felt this was urgent enough to get out)

By: Bradley Loves

This post is going to be as Esoteric as it gets!

For that reason…, I am going to try to be very careful and methodical with what I am writing!   This is a very “deep” subject , and takes great reflection and introspection to see the TRUTH of it.

Just like the story line of the Harry Potter Movie tells us…, (where “Voldemort” makes the mistake of his life…, even though for all practical purposes in the Harry Potter Story, he is a very powerful wizard)…, those who consider themselves to be the Magnificent Dark Magicians of our day…., have made a mistake equally as unfortunate…, and have therefore placed themselves into a similar situation as “Lord Voldemort”.

You see…, it all has to do with “over-looking” very old…, ANCIENT MAGIC. (Magnetics).

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