Cobra Update: Discernment and Awareness


Cobra has shared an update with us in regards to the current planetary situation and has address the attacks on him and Corey which I’m sure many of you are aware of recently. Learning to discern what is truth and fiction is something that is challenging but is possible through diligent research and a connection to your higher-self as Cobra explains and has explained in the past here:

“The key to true discernment is to:

1. Acknowledge your fear and other suppressed emotions and transform them. There are many ways, approaches, healing modalities and techniques to transform emotions:

2. Educate yourself in basics of science, art and all other areas of human knowledge so that your mind can not be distracted with total nonsense many times appearing in alternative media (Nibiru crashing into Earth anyone?)

3. Meditate or find any other way to connect with your higher self

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