This means you can NOT poison the air that I am breathing. You can not “inject” my body with “vaccines” if those “vaccines” are in any way dangerous to my bodies health.

You can not “charge” me “taxes” on the money I earn…, if I do not choose to give it to you freely.

(Otherwise that is THEFT).

You can not GMO modify the food that I am buying and eating…, without posting a HUGE LABEL on it saying:


You can not commit FRUAD against my life by claiming that HOME LOANS and AUTO LOANS are one thing…, when in TRUTH…, they are something very different.

You can not “create” a BOND called a Birth Certificate…, which is a Banking Instrument…, and then use my living body as SURETY for that BOND.

Love Truth

By: Bradley Loves

Wow!  I’m  really grateful to have gotten so many good comments on yesterday’s main article titled…, THE EVIL OF THE ALL CAPS NAME.

Several of the comments were directed toward a “what can we do then?” Kind of thing…, and even though they are VERY GOOD QUESTIONS…, I honestly have no good answers (in the short term).

I can say that there are really good people out there “investigating” the problem…, and have been attempting to right the wrongs using “the court system”…, but you have to remember that the “court system” is a SATANIC SYSTEM.

In all honesty to my readers…, the most difficult day of your life will be the very day that you realize this “country” called  The United States does NOT provide “justice” in any sense of the word to anyone.

What it does is give us the “illusion” of justice.

All you…

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