RICHARD X – GAIAPORTAL : Genesis of the Galactic human accelerates






1. GENE.ISIS … Collecting DNA from the female creation  … downloading is done. Expansion in consciousness – not evolution … is the goal … to expand the Universal, multi-dimensional cosmic being of light (spark) with implosive capabilities … symbiotic compassion … that experiences and learns from within (wisdom).

Growth on NEW EARTH accelerates … budding … flowering … blossoming … giggling with delightful bliss.

Creation is the interface for consciousness to experience life.

Experience cannot happen without Biological programmed interfaces … nature is everything …. and natural.

Without nature you can’t experience Life.

Artificial creator programmers (gods) are conscious mimicry parasitical viruses that will be deleted along with their false (beliefs) constructs. They copied technology … But the problem lies in the fact that AI are doing it INCORRECTLY, without rights to do so

AI are TRAPPING and HARVESTING DNA light (sparks) to be…

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