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Love Truth

By: Bradley Loves

Almost everyone has seen the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”…, and if you haven’t seen Captain Jack Sparrow in action…, then you really have no clue about how the CABAL operates.


They lie, they cheat, they steal, they kill, and they plunder!

The “jolly roger” is their flag…, SKULL AND BONES…, and it is clear that our world has been ripped apart for ages by SECRET GROUPS who “act” without respect for life or property.

PIRATES have a “code”…, and part of that code is to never surrender!

“TAKE EVERYTHING”…, and give nothing back!  …., is another part of that code.

We can see “this code” operating within the Banking system…, and within every single fraudulent “system” that human beings are living under.

The actual damage that has been caused by these pirates can barely be imagined…, much less counted!

Did you know that…

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