Help From Heaven

No More Sleeping


“Use my drawings in groups and grids… Harvest Gold aligned with The Winds of Change… and also The Royal Elephant… should bring you the good fortune you need… It won’t win you the lottery, but will get you what you need. Failure to use the artwork sincerely will either bring you the opposite, or nothing at all. They were designed this way.”


“If you’re feeling drained, miserable, attacked… or feel as if your life has been cursed… try this… a heavenly shield… Use my artwork in a grid… Sunrise Angel with Sun Diamond and Vulcan… and see what happens… You should get a very pleasant surprise…”


“The most powerful pieces I have are the crystals. Take Sun Diamond, Manifestation Crystal and Amethyst Avatar and grid them together as you wish… using the one that appeals to you most as the focal point. Used together they can unlock those…

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