The War On Consciousness: Examining The Mind Control Educational System

We must save the highest gift of the Universe to humanity, our Free Will, from extinction. If only for our children and the World.

Deus Nexus


A MUST READ for All Seeking Freedom

Source:Stillness in the Storm | forword by Justin Deschamps

The following is an eye-opening exposé from a former teacher of how we treat our children in the modern world and ultimately this is the reason why almost everyone grows up to become a loyal mind-controlled slave. For those on the awakening path, it is essential to comprehend that the reason why people act the way they do is largely because of how they were raised. In order to turn the tide we, as a people, must face the fact that our current methods of raising and educating children are destructive to their being, an offense to morality, and part of the agenda of the Cabal or dark occultists.

To be sure, there is much to unpack in this discussion, but one of the more central points is that of behaviorism, a…

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