RICHARD X -GAIAPORTAL : Heavens of the masses are unveiled for the nothingness they are






1. Many are in … the waiting room … feeling at peace

2. Heavens realm and the Angels are nothing more than Dad’s soul traps run by his minions who are the false light and love … war in heaven was deliberate to create division and jobs for Angels to  administer over

3. Ask and you shall receive … genuine requests will be answered by one’s higher self

4. Mortification …Guilt and shame

Great embarrassment and shame:
“they mistook my mortification for an admission of guilt”

The action of subduing one’s bodily desires:
“mortification of the flesh has a long tradition in some religions”
Guilt trips by the hierarchy and judicial morals and codes from the Law of One commandments etc etc etc placed on people is seen as false righteousness
5. For those that still need to … ”wake…

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