Kp Message 2-24-17… “There is a MAJOR SHIFT in the Consciousness of this Planet going on right now”… “THE SHIFT HAS HIT THE FAN, BABY!!”

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shift_has_hit_the_fan_baby_1I’m wondering how many have grasped what an amazing and IMMENSE shift in consciousness that we are currently involved in!

It has enveloped the Planet (capital “P”), it has enveloped every single aspect of “life”, it has whelmed everyone ON the planet, it has exposed the “hell” in everyone and everything, and it is in the process of moving the “hell” out of everyone and everything. That includes individuals, communities, and governments.

And if you’re not “okay” (aka, “in alignment with”) with that, you’ll explode. Guaranteed.

Maybe that’s not exactly a 3D type explosion, but it is an “explosion” of awareness of what needs to be released (the “crap”), an “explosion” of awakening to “crap” we were previously not aware of, and an “explosion” of consciousness of who and what we really are, and why we were “put here” on this planet in the first place (and feel free to…

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