Recent Alignment Is Burning Down The Old Matrix House.

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

I have been feeling the enormity of this upcoming alignment that will fully occur on February 10, 2017 for some time now.  Since there is always a new energetic alignment, portal etc. occurring, I didn’t give it much thought.  I  figured what I was feeling was just another step in the process of the Mu Cord getting closer to connecting to our physical world.  I knew there was a full moon coming up along with an eclipse, and that was it.  Yes, I know I should pay more attention to the movement of the stars.  LOL…  But since things are changing every day, I don’t get attached or too involved with what the charts say.  I prefer to feel it for myself, and when something feels crazy, then I do my research and use my astrology and numerology skills to see what is going on.  In other words, I know…

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