The legitimate state: The facts of fraud under which Americans are being tricked and defrauded

As an arrogant British judge operating an admiralty court on the soil of California told a recent victim, “as long as you are residing in the State of California you are under my jurisdiction”. What he should have replied was, “I am a native Californian living in the California State and I am not under your jurisdiction nor am I “residing” anywhere in my own country.”


On Dec 29, 2016, at 12:46 PM, Anna von Reitz  wrote:

I wish it were that simple. But as you can see, while I have placed many such records and orders in the public domain, and even written books in the effort to educate people about the proper structure and functioning of their government, and while we have been at pains to train and re-train federal marshals and sheriffs, and to elect new people to the land jurisdiction offices, a great many people have to be made aware of the facts and the actual authorities involved and we have to overcome generations of ignorance and false assumptions and the not to be underestimated influence of the treasonous Bar Association and its members.

That’s a tall order for one old woman in Alaska. I fear I require a lot of help.

As a Federal Postal Court Judge I can go…

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