Does Vladimir Putin Know the Real Purpose of War, according to Orwell?

Gumshoe News

1984by Mary W Maxwell

Editor’s note: This was prompted by the long thread of Comments under the Trump article of January 14, 2017.

Was there ever a genuine hostility between the US and the USSR? I don’t think so. Why would Churchill give the kitchen sink away at Yalta, seconded by FDR, if Russia were the enemy? Or if “communism” were the enemy?

I go along with the thesis that the emergence of the Bolshies in 1917 was arranged by the two Warburg brothers, Max in America and Paul in Germany – or was it the other way around. See? it doesn’t even matter – they were both the servants of World Government. (I also accept Nesta Webster’s 1922 theory that the French Revolution was scripted).

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