Energy Update ~ New Incoming Light Waves & Codes ~ Jan. 11, 2017

Please remember the present moment is your point of power. The past has no power over you unless you wish to grant it that power. No matter the limits you have experienced in your life previously, now all glass ceilings are being removed. There really is no limit to light, no limit to love, no limit to the magic and miracles you can create.



By Steven Nobel, 01/09/2017

We Going Through a Collective Shift…..

We are shifting into a powerful period as the light waves impacting the planet intensify. Human existence in this dimension of earth is in the early stages of a complete transformation. The 3D timeline is collapsing which makes it hard for certain practices and systems to continue. Some systems, political and financial, are wobbling badly. There is a need for these to be reimagined and reinvented. There is an exposing of dark antics, behind the scenes activities that will shock many. (The dark is not evil, rather a conscious or unconscious blocking of spiritual evolution and expression. Many spiritual teachings turned dark as they were absorbed into religious organisations that were increasingly concerned about control, influence, status and power). We are leaving a time of spiritual ignorance that has lasted for more than 10,000 years. (That is not to…

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