Inner Science: Ancient Sacred Knowledge [For those who feel ready]

This is the holy oil that is called “Christos” in Greek. This is the story of the Christ within, within all of us.


Santos Bonacci – The Sacred Secret

Ancient Sacred Knowledge

Ancient Sacred Knowledge

According to Santos Bonacci and ancient Hermetic wisdom, our bodies are alchemical instruments. We have the ability to turn lead into gold. There are truths known and hidden that are so sacred we should be learning them in school from early age.

This is not a religion. It is esoteric truth and hidden knowledge.

Santos puts emphasis on comprehending “As above, so below.”

Our Body is the Holy Land

According to Santos, there is a sacred secret kept from the masses. That secret is the esoteric science of physiological regeneration. Apparently, our body has the ability to produce new blood and awaken our dormant brain cells as the final product.

The sacred science of physiological regeneration is spoken about in the bible as allegorical symbolic stories. There’s a much deeper…

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