Antarctica… first there’s Patriarch Kirill, then John Kerry, then Buzz Aldrin… What’s Going on ‘Down’ There?????

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antarctica_with_three_visitors[Kp image add-on: click the link for an image of Buzz Aldrin in front of the Russian plane which took him to Antarctica. Joseph Farrell mentioned this in the video.]

Well, this will be short… with a Joseph Farrell video and part of a SitsShow article.

I found the video below rather an educated look (aka, “guess”) at what was going on with all these three visiting Antarctica in the past few months. I’m sure more will be unveiled (by whom?) as this apocalypse drama unfolds. Below the video is the first part of the SitsShow article. Let’s have some fun with all this!!

Thanks to Galactic Connection for this one.

“The southernmost continent of Antarctica has been in the news of late. [Patriarch Kirill went there in Feb. 2016]… [then] John Kerry flew there in November, allegedly to observe the effects of climate change. Then…

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