Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

where-do-you-live-2Most people live in one of three locations.  Past, Present or Future.  The majority begin with living in the past.   Because they wish to change past mistakes, remember arguments and change the events in their favor.   “If I had said this, or If I had done this”   Or, they loved their past so much that they want to go back in time.  “If I could turn back time”, this is where they live.

What is so sad it that NOTHING can be changed from this energetic space of our reality, and this is what we are here to learn.  Well, it’s one of the reasons…LOL  The past is no longer real.  Only our thoughts are there, and our thoughts are a creation of our ego mind.  They are not real, as they are illusionary.

Mastering our mind is the key to manifesting what we want in our lives.  The goal…

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