Remedy to Legal Fiction, Land of the Dead, Maritime Martial Law, Alternate Dimension, Withdrawal “Death” of the Fictional Legal Identity

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

This is the way to nullify the identity veil. Abandon the false values and identity of the slave-name, debt-slave system.

The identity is tied to the fictional character. The legal fiction, legal fraud concept of taking one human life and enlisting it as collateral for a corporate entity which then imposes its designed/programmed will or right to punish or take from the living being based on the consent of the living being to use the dead-to rights name or identity of the non living fictional identity.
This is character fraud and works through the operation of grammatical errors or dog-Latin in which the contracts are illegitimate but if ones actions or silence is misconstrued as their consent then they are legally bound to follow orders.

This system has gone digital and is intelligently capable of harnessing the DNA/bloodline of the human being meaning it will follow through the dimensions through…

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