Laying the Foundation of Light!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Phew baby is the field getting energetically intense.  What I find kind of exciting I have two very different experience zones of it as well.  For the last two days in my home, I am just exhausted, even just after I wake up.  I could easily be a couch zombie if I didn’t still have things to do.  At the office tho, holy spaciness batman.  I have energy but my brain’s feel like they’re flapping around in the winds!!  Which really makes it challenging to bring in the finer details of what I am seeing or hell, channeling the information thru my mouth, verbal coordination is required.  Yesterday was much more intense than the day prior.  However, it all gave me two incredible contrasts to look at.

At my office, I now understand that we have opened a vortex across the marina where the ET’s show up at.  There is…

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