Fantastic Fungi : The Spirit of Good






Make the effort in any subject by principles of good, at the least.
Nature is exactly 50% good and bad at the same time.
A truly good nature would not require any animals eating each other, and 100% good is only in spirit-dimensions, whence we originate, where we’ve been before, yet we don’t remember all that until we return back to true form.
In true nature.
Spiritual nature is truly good, and each unique complex being manifest very accurately according to our attitude, actions and thinking, which is free to take any path in a myriad of many different ways to go.
The important first thing is to care.
When someone insensitively doesn’t care and chooses a selfish rationale, it manifests rightly so.
So, it should be no wonder of who you are, your circumstances and where you’re at in relation to…

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