Mission Galactic Freedom 10-13-16… “CLS MIL RPT 10/13/16 2nd Pres Debate Immediately Triggers 10/09 Galactic Federation Earth Takeover Attempt. 50+ Timelines Crashed With Each Mars Destroyed”

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secret_space_war_craft_image[Kp update note: some posts may generate “What?”, “Why post this?” questions. I am NOT saying every thing I post or repost is “absolutely unequivocally right on total truth for everyone everywhere out there”. This prior Kp message might explain how and why I post things. There is absolutely no way I am going to check every single detail about every single thing I post. USE YOUR OWN DISCERNMENT, please.]

So I was flipping around web pages and found, at AWE, something that pointed to an RMN link which seemed to be from April, 2016. So I did a title search and found the link I’m posting.

All I will say is that I felt an instant “hit” from it, and something “rang” inside of me. I have NO idea if it “is” exactly as described, but in any event, it is, to me, a fascinating story. I…

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