USAPs, Investigation, Congress, Truth Beyond Belief

A very good question indeed. Can you handle the truth?

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Just to make sure everyone understands this: Intelligence and Domestic Investigation

The investigation is actually about the USAPs. You should know what investigation I am referencing. Remember, I have informed you that my experience reaches throughout many years of Human civilization as well as other civilizations that have been here. I know, I was there, I was a part of the negotiations yet I do not like referencing that because people are honestly not ready to accept me as who I am. Yet I like to challenge people and so do others that have a say in what happens, so here I am.

I am not so much a whistleblower as I was INSTRUCTED and GIVEN SECURITY CLEARANCE to reveal certain influences, operations, and events.

I am not in angst over my life experiences. In fact, they were enriched in every way. Sure, people get put in some dangerous situations…

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