TheRuinerShane, A Message To The Public

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

This individual’s work is very important. This is from “The Ruiner”. The original posting seems no longer available.

Many of you readers, if not all, have been spending a vast amount of time and energy trying to deprogram.

Whether it’s from the cultural conditioning or more aggressive styles of programming or self inflicted patterns and traps, deprogramming is a very difficult and often long task.

For victims of aggressive programming as is involved with some major celebrities, or human slaves, or clone center toys, or shadow program ( military and space and science ) and MILABS and Monarchs – this can be near impossible for some to heal from well enough to effectively deprogram.

They break these people in ways most cannot fathom. Not even the level of violence in your media compares. Your writer recalls a decorated military killer seeing for himself what some of the clone toys…

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