Intel SITREP Report – GCR/RV, Republic, Military, Cabal, NESARA/GESARA


From Doreen

D I S C E R N M E N T   R E Q U I R E D

Why aren’t humans ‘allegedly’ working toward monetary morality, gold backed currency, a global currency reset, pulling together for our collective good and without strings attached?

Why would Russia ratify the Paris Agreement when it is based on ‘incomplete’ science that does not factor toxic chemicals discharged from aircraft 24/7 world wide, geoengineering the weather, weather wars, and contamination from the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe. Learn more at and

Re-posted by David Robinson at Marine Republic Blog [link below]

Good afternoon currency community,
Ok, here’s what we know after last nights intel drop…

  1. The final military special forces ops and ghost tactical sweeps have begun, we are hearing the mission is casually being called “Operation Catch & Release ” for obvious reasons.  This sweep includes corporate bad…

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