Valiant: The Thunders…The Thunder Drums…The Red Light in the Sky…

Spirit Train Chronicles

*SONG* “I Dreamed A Dream” by Susan Boyle

There was a party…
It feels impossible to write.

The circle of light…
Sitting there with them…as before, like
So many times. Brishan, in his uniform,
Varence beside him…that determined look on
His face…and then Ceres, who was quiet
And fierce looking…this was the most
Uncomfortable meeting by far.

“He has to write this now.” Varence said,
Nodding at me. “Tell them.”

“Why?” Ceres said looking away, then back
To me. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“Yes, he does.” Varence insisted, nodding.
“And he has to tell them right now.”

An uncomfortable pause.
Brishan’s friendly face watched me…
Waiting. “You said you would.”

I had to think of a way. I swear I
Felt like it was being pulled out of me.
“Tell them.” Varence’s voice was like
Some magnet making it happen.

This is not fiction…

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