Your real power

Society may supply reasons why you should stick to the tried and true and familiar, but that is all about living in the past.

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Your real power

By Jon Rappoport

In deciding what you truly want to do in this life, your best answer should arouse a sense of your own power.

Not power over others, which is a counterfeit version, but a power that wells up inside you.

Which is a good and marvelous thing.

—Of course, we know that propagandists and their minions have been busy trying to defame individual power, but their mission is a dead mechanical operation. Leave them in the dust.

There are several roads here. One, you give up the whole idea of having power. That’s a dud from the get-go. It speaks of a profound misunderstanding.

Two, you opt for an impersonal power which is unconnected to the direction in which you truly want to go. That version of life dwindles.

Three, you opt for power over others, the counterfeit, which is destructive to all concerned.


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