Valiant: The Thunders…The Thunder Drums…Semper Fidelis…

Spirit Train Chronicles

*SONG* “Somewhere Out There” by Linda Rondstadt and James Ingram

The Call came quietly
But expected as always.
And there I was sitting in the chair
In the Circle of Light…
But it was distinctly different this time…

They sensed it, they sense everything.
The turbulence, the crazy intense
Emotional waves filling the air…
Everywhere. So as the hazy vision focused
Into the brilliant spectrum of the Circle’s
Light…The First one I saw was Brishan
Sitting calmly in a chair before me…
He was huge and impressive even sitting down.
But there was no stern disciplined expression
On his face this time…No, this time he
Appeared gentle, friendly. He smiled
And nodded and said, “Hello.”

I greeted him the same, in shock. Then
Noticed Varence and Ceres sitting in
Chairs beside him to my right.

Varence was proud and sat tall in his
Seat, a carefree confident expression

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