Is some symbolic
Meaning from the bible

All they do is quote the bible

The Thunders…The Watchers Files…Warnings…Abductions…

*SONG* “Show Me Heaven” by Maria McKee



The Circle of Light…

A call sounded, the feeling of urgency being
Pulled in…into the chair, to listen, watch, write.

“You are being summoned, told to listen now,”
A strange New voice seemed to command, a male
Voice that I did not recognize…stern and cold, blunt.
Then I saw him, he was tall, chiseled, strongly built
With wavy blond hair just above his shoulders and a
Fierceness about him. He stood front and center
Before the chair in his pale blue uniform…at the
Center of the circle of light before the assembly…
Before Brishan, the great Lion Man BR’Riel and the
Aquatic humanoid; who seemed absolutely innocent looking
By comparison. “You will listen, and…

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Ok so who are The Great White Brotherhood
They work with Source  … not god
Ancient interdimensional fractal beings
Magicians if you will
Remember there are no sides
They create out of nothing
Plasma light spheres ringing forth possibility for life
They work in Sources Mansion
Higher spiritual realms
With their help Source was able to create the New Earth
Earth was desperate being trapped inside the Glass box … Ma net
By those who call themselves gods
Who locked the room behind them
That’s why this is an inside job
To free source spark
Our physical existence is a holographic joke
Our spiritual life is the only true reality
The heart within the matter

But that has been overtaken by false beliefs
Mind wipes and mind control
The Great White Brotherhood live in their own system
This is what we are seeing manifesting…

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The Watchers

No More Sleeping

That man possesses an immortal soul is the common belief of humanity; to this Theosophy adds that he is a soul; and further that all nature is sentient, that the vast array of objects and men are not mere collections of atoms fortuitously thrown together and thus without law evolving law, but down to the smallest atom all is soul and spirit ever evolving under the rule of law which is inherent in the whole. And just as the ancients taught, so does Theosophy; that the course of evolution is the drama of the soul and that nature exists for no other purpose than the soul’s experience.

The Theosophist agrees with Prof. Huxley in the assertion that there must be beings in the universe whose intelligence is as much beyond ours as ours exceeds that of the black beetle and who take an active part in the government of the…

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CBD chaos: DEA’s refusal to reschedule marijuana molecules just the latest protectionist racket from the criminal corporate cartels running the corrupt U.S. government

Mike Adams is one of the great champions of natural medicine and healthy food and water, and a committed exposer of the globalist scams to destroy all of these: Obama’s…

Source: CBD chaos: DEA’s refusal to reschedule marijuana molecules just the latest protectionist racket from the criminal corporate cartels running the corrupt U.S. government

VALIANT : The Thunders … The Watcher’s Classified Files … Ghosts …





Knock, knock, tick tock

*SONG* I’m with You by Avril Lavigne

The Circle of Light…
In the chair again. ‘I thought this part
Was over?’ I wondered, but before a thought
Could grip my mind…it began…

Before me, at the farthest reaches of the light
I could see the platforms, the faces of Brishan
And BR’Riel and the aquatic humanoid, fixated
Upon me…Stone-faced, their eyes intense and
So heavy…What was this?

Then Varence appeared, he strolled from the
Shadows to the very center of the circle of light
As if it were the simplest of things to do
Then he stopped and stared at me with that
Smile of his; it was unnerving. He folded his
Arms over his chest then nodded to Ceres.
Again, there she was sitting to my right…
Beautiful, elegant…yet somehow magically
Indestructible. She smiled at me plainly.

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THE SHIFT: China in Syria; Iran Hosts Russia at Hamadan Base; Iraq Opens Skies to Russian Bombers

Futurist Trendcast

The Shift:

Iran Hosts Russian Bombers at Hamadan Base,

Iraq Opens its Skies to Russian Bombings of Terrorists in Syria

& China sends troops to Syria to assist Assad government!

Photo from RT: Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bomber at Hamadan airfield, Iran

Russian bomber at Iran Hamadan base

BREAKING NEWS! Iraq announced that it has opened free passage through its airspace for strategic Russian bombers flying to bomb Daesh terrorists in Syria. I’ve just heard this and decided to share a few of my initial thoughts.

Just a day prior, Iran announced that it now hosts Russian troops at Hamadan Base.

Moscow and Tehran sign deal allowing Russian jets to use Hamadan airbase:

First video of Russian bomber at Iran’s Hamadan & at work in Syria:

While Russia has bases in Syria, the airfields there aren’t equipped to host Russian heavy strategic bombers. Up till now, these bombers had to fly from Russian territory. By flying from Hamadan airfield and…

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