MICHELLE A : bypassing words with telepathy, feeling (heart) and intent





Soon all will be revealed. ❤

That is why we bypass words with telepathy, feeling (heart) and intent. Which is also the reason we were divided by spoken/written language that only the priests knew…so we were isolated and in fear through no connection.

As for the ley lines…there were vortices at different locations on the Earth. These were often places the ley lines crossed. They were power spots. I understand there is one in Sedona, Az but I have never experienced it.

The ones in Europe where all the tribal people (Druids, Picts, Scots, Celts, etc) were of an Earth based life. They would go to the vortex and make an alter for Mother Earth / goddess to thank her amongst other things that were unique to each tribe. The church, when it decided to control, put really big cathedrals on those very spots…

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