A Note from Kp 7-24-16

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150731_kp_mauna_kea_sun_P1010142_crop_150_2[Kp language note: there are a few “shits” in here, which I thought I might try to “finagle” out, but I felt they really conveyed my current Inner Self more effectively than language “polite and proper”.] [and please be aware that I do understand the potential benefits of “bullshit”, as a fertilizer and compost, and have nothing against that.] [regarding “Wazoo”, I point you to this song (short version, longer version), from this video, which explains it all (audio player below)]

A Note from Kp 7-24-16

There are some who speak about the “goodness” of people or the “evilness” of people… the “goodness” of this or the “evilness” of that. But all of that is bullshit. This whole planet, in fact this whole visible hearable touchable creation, is an illusion. A hologram. And we have complete authority and choice of and over this hologram…

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