Water to Fire occurring in the skies.

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

I decided write an update on the approaching fire energy, which is the second aspect of the Azoth energy.   To read the first article please click here…Click here to read Water to Fire

Venus is currently in Leo which is a fire sign.  It’s ruling planet is the sun!  Venus is the symbol of the Divine Feminine and is connected to Mary Magdalene.   Mars is in Scorpio right now which is a water sign.  Mars represents the Divine Masculine energy, and Mars is the planet of destruction.  Scorpio is the sign of rebirth.  On the East Coast we are experiencing intense heat at the moment.  I know most will say, “Well it’s summer…”, but I “feel” it is more than that.  Right before the water energy of Azoth was released in what is known as Wave X, we had major flooding in areas of the USA.  Now, that the wave of…

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