Darkness Of The Night

No More Sleeping

Rabbi Simeon Ben Jochai was very ill and his disciples gathered round his bed to listen to the words of wisdom falling from his lips in the midst of his agonies. Being overcome by the sight of his suffering Teacher, one of them, asked, “Rabbi, why should a pure and holy soul like yours have to suffer such anguish?” And at once a voice from the spheres (Bath-Kol, they call it) was heard, saying, “Do not question the wisdom of Him who knows better than flesh and blood. It is His will, and His will is law, and the law decrees that the balance shall be preserved as above so below; those who are to enter into the great joy must first partake of the bitter cup, and he who is to see the glorious light must first pass through the darkness of the night.

~from “Collected Hebrew Legends”

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