10,000-Year-Old Underwater Structure At Lake MacDonald Point To A Long-Lost Civilization


The enigmatic 10,000-year-old underwater structures beneath Lake MacDonald are considered by many as the definitive evidence of a long-lost civilization that inhabited the region before the last Ice Age.

Lake MacDonald underwater only illustrtion
Source: Ancient-Code.com
July 8, 2016

There is evidence of lost ancient cultures all around the globe. Proof of such cultures was found beneath Lake MacDonald when divers stumbled upon mysterious underwater structures in Ontario Canada.

The discovery was made at a depth of 40 feet when divers were participating in a unique submarine project at the Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve. Initially, researchers believed the oddly-shaped structures were a sophisticated version of a ‘perched erratic’ transported into place by glaciers thousands of years ago and dumped to their current position at the end of the last ice-age.

However, everything changed when divers examined the structure with more detail. Several scientists and geologists studied the rock assembly from proximity coming to the…

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