VALIANT : Thunder and Lightning … The Ancients … And the Ancient Masters of Earth …





*SONG* “Believe” by 2002




“It was but the beginning…
From the simple nothings of a primitive
World of nature’s giants…plants, animals,
To the chance meeting turned furious
Battle of two long space held slave ships…
Or was it destiny?
The slaves of the Empire…
The Adams and the Eves of long lost
Conquered human worlds…
The men and women who had never seen
Each other’s gender before…to come together
On a virgin world…Terra formed…Earth…
Trapped, crashed upon it…to inevitably
Colonize it…reshape it…
A Garden of Eden for a new human race…”

“My Heavens,” Ceres said rolling her eyes,
Twisting a lock of her golden hair around
Her finger… “Are your words ever abbreviated?
To the point? So wordy…Just get on with
The next part please.”

“I was getting there,” Varence attested as
He sat beside her patiently…his hands
Gesturing the magnitude of his words

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