HATTER – THY ALWAYS SEEK : End Of An Age – Darkness within darkness. The gateway to all understanding





Has to be After we are gone … The Merge ”EMERGE”

There is no battle till we are gone

Darkness comes after the program ends

I used to think we leave at the end of the three days of darkness

But that can’t be right

Not from what I now know

AKASHIC records

The records were hacked and copied

So anyone could basically adopt a past life of their choosing

Hacked by HEAVEN

Altering story lines and the End Times to suit
That is why The Watchers now keep it safe (Earth’s true story)
Those records are a part of the CC
Everyone should have access to them but not be able to steal them nor edit them
The CC had to be straightened all out again
They had to be correct before they were put back to the CC
And before the files were moved over


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