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 “Wild Child”

by Heart




The simple magical power of a smile…
Of a hello…by the right person at the right time…
Is it cosmic? Divine? Destiny?
Something so simple…is it written in the stars…
What power does it have…over anyone,

“Varence?” She said calmly…coldly, impatiently.

“Yes, Ceres?” He asked…smiling that smile of his.

I can not believe I am saying this,”
Ceres said rolling her eyes…her legs crossed
As she held her hand over her legs, playing with her
Fingers… “Tell the rest of the story…Please…”

He sat calmly…looked at her…still smiling…
“As you wish…”

On the Eve scout ship…
The women, Sara and Nira, had left the room
Shortly after Jansen woke…Nira pulling
Her close friend and partner aside as she saw that
Strange smile appear on Sara’s face…She had
NEVER seen her react in such a way, it concerned
Her…and she urged…

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