Rome Lays Ground Work For The Third Temple – End Time


This is another post to help connect the dots. Doreen.

Published Jun 29, 2016
By IsraeliNewsLive

Suddenly we are seeing peace agreements everywhere; Israel and Turkey broker peace with John Kerry in Rome, Russian and Turkey amend ways. John Kerry says Iran is a big help. What is happening in The Middle East? Has the ground work been laid to start the Third Temple?

Rebuilding The Jewish Temple On The Horizon? [or not]

By ProphecyNewsWatch

All things humanly possible are being done to prepare for the rebuilding of the Third Temple. However hugely significant problems remain which must be overcome before even a stone can be put down.

From Doreen
The rulers of this planet are masters at distracting, diverting, misdirecting, and deceiving humans. It is possible that many front line truth speakers, whistle blowers, and those doing the ruler’s dirty work are also prey.

Major secret meetings hosted…

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