VALIANT : Thunder and Lightning…Origins…The Adam Ship…The Eve Ship…







*SONG* “I Didn’t Want to Need You” by Heart




The tide had turned, but at first
No one knew it…aside from the Watchers,
Especially Apollo, as he sat in the captain’s
Chair observing the data…watching the view
Screen…staring at the two ships…
The first…the Adam ship, which he had just
Visited…The slave ship full of blond men
Descendants of the conquered Sava…
And now, the newly arrived Eve ship…
The Eden vessel…with a crew full of women…
Slaves bred, like the men, for one special mission…
To seed planets with new life…

Apollo had come to Earth just in time to
Witness the epic about to unfold…as two long
Held, programmed slave ships were about to
Encounter one another…by choice…and soon
Shape the future of a world that would one day
Change the universe…

Apollo stared nervously, eagerly at the view

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