Former Defense Minister of Canada Paul Hellyer Open Letter To Trudeau


June 1, 2016


Dear Prime Minister:

Congratulations for taking such a strong stand when you spoke at the G7 summit in Tokyo last week in favour of government spending to bring new life to moribund economies.  Despite the skeptics, it is the only plan with a proven track record.  In 1939 it was massive federal spending that got us out of the Great Depression and allowed us to become a significant participant in World War II.

It appears that your G7 colleagues were not only divided on the question of promoting growth, but equally stymied about the related problem of debt, which is at its highest level in history.  Our society, in general, is in denial that the world financial system is broken.  It has been cracked for a very long time, but in the last few decades it has become a total…

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