The Duran Interviews The Saker: The World According to The Saker (VIDEO)

Editor’s note: I find arguments between east versus west to be a senseless exercise. Capitalism, versus socialism, versus communism.

The answer is quite simple and always has been. Taxes paid by the population in a transparent and accountable manner, published in the open for all tax payers to see, should be spent on education, health care, transport, roads, energy, security, housing for those who cannot afford to buy private property, pensions and grants for the disabled, stimulus of small to medium business enterprises with low-interest loans and the military to secure national safety. It is neither corporate fascist which is what so-called “capitalism” in the west really is, nor is it communist.

But this obvious answer has never been implemented, neither in a “capitalist” (read corporate fascist) nor a communist system and the population has never see the benefits of their own investment in their own country. In both systems which…

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