More Than Men

No More Sleeping

My friends, the purpose and meaning of life are no longer hidden from you, and you know why you should follow the way of good rather than the way of evil. Every restraint and restriction, every responsibility, every duty and obligation, however obscure the purpose, are imposed with one end in view, your own ultimate benefit and good. Everything unnecessary or purposeless has been winnowed away and only the sustaining grains remain, nothing not worthwhile has been kept.

Yet there is another reason for following this path, for, by refining and strengthening the soulspirit and awakening all its latent powers each man is potentially a Mangod. He is no longer restricted to this sphere and can even contact Great Beings beyond the mountain, and from them learn the truth.

Life itself is real, but as expressed in the Sphere of Matter and Mortality it is little more than an illusion…

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