From ~Jean, Saturday, May 28, 2016

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

I’ve been wanting to write to everyone, because I do miss you all so very much. Yet, I don’t know, even now what I can say. I’m glad I stopped my blog; it was beyond time to stop reporting the pure insanity of our lives. If we don’t know all the history, we know enough. I’ve been criticized that my blog dwelled too much on the dark, and perhaps it did, but the real truth is not only about the Light. Let me explain what I saw my blog as being:

When I started blogging, I simply wanted to follow the financial collapse and to offer hope.

That was it!

I didn’t know anything about big pharma, the Vatican, ETs, life in the universe, vaccines, genocide, Agenda 21, education, etc. That all came along as I learned — and I hope you all learned with me, too. I made mistakes…

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