Mike Adams, Natural News, 5-22-16… “FINALLY! Scientific American writer exposes the tribal cultist arrogance and dogmatic lunacy of science ‘skeptics'”

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natural_news_logo_18This is a great article by Mike, in my view, and brings out many points about “science” and “scientists”. Many so-called “scientists” really aren’t, because their minds are closed to new ideas and any concepts alternative to their “medical school learned” ones, and they’ve likely been brainwashed (by the “pharmaceutical medical educational industrial ‘We know everything and you’re just a dumb patient'” complex). Well, many people “Aren’t taking it anymore!!”

Since I’ve been in science, I’ve been aware of one major block to scientific progress and true scientific research: The Ego of the scientist. Many I have known are so close-minded to new ideas, that anything out of the “norm” for the science involved is viewed as “crazy”, “impossible”, “BS”. Some are warned that their “straying from the path” into new realms may result in “not getting that degree”, “not getting promoted”, “not getting that patent”, etc.


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