‘OUR’ Spontaneous Evolution


Kevin Mugur Galalae is on a hunger strike next to the Vatican in Rome, to stop depopulation by vaccination, and from toxic chemicals aerially sprayed a.k.a. geoengineering, chemtrails, and solar radiation management.

History and videos to learn more at https://www.gofundme.com/chs6x5k4

BIOMIMICRY studies nature’s models to apply intelligent design and processes to solve human problems. Ponder if you will …

The caterpillar’s immune system initially perceives emerging butterfly imaginal cells as a threat and attacks them. Imaginal cells are not deterred.
The cabal attacks truth tellers, change agents and whistle blowers taking wise action to end crimes against humanity. Do not be deterred!

Butterfly imaginal cells appear in even greater numbers and cluster in community.
Leaders in the consciousness movement cluster in online communities through website forums, internet radio programs, social networks, etc.

Butterfly imaginal cells recognize each other and ‘bond’ until sufficient imaginal cells organize into new structures and along new organizational…

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