Our Brother Pelagius

No More Sleeping

“Pelagius, although little is known of him only, he is thought to have come from Britain and personally played an important role in shaping the early character of the Celtic Christianity. Although a priest, Pelagius was a Celtic monk and a highly respected spiritual leader for both laymen and clergy. What is recorded of his behavior denotes his Celtic heritage. He firmly believed in the individual-his free will and his ability to better himself as a spiritual being.”

“The view of Pelagius and his followers firmly held to the Stoic doctrine of the free will of man and the innate goodness of nature, which they claimed, was not corrupted but only modified by sin. Such a stand put them in direct opposition to their great antagonist Augustine. However, their view served for the basis of Pelagianism.”

“… Pelagius is remembered for trying to free mankind from the guilt of Adam…

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