VALIANT : Thunder and Lightning…Warnings…Messages in the Mirror…

Like thunder and lighting God Dam its So Exciting, it hits you like a Hammer, God Dam






The tide has turned…
Why waste time…Everyone knows, or should
That this time of the year shapes the months
To come…
Perhaps that’s because secrets meant
To control things are conducted between April
And May…and typically, in the past…
They have worked…but
This time the Air is different…
The moods are different…

I’ve written many times of signs and experiences
That have occurred to me before these posts
Started…More than anyone I questioned, doubted,
I didn’t care…didn’t want to see, didn’t want
To do this…And time and time again…
It was thrown in my face…
There were so many things it was ridiculous…

I would feed the chickens…
A falcon, a kestrel…and a hawk
All in the same tree…would watch me every
Time I came outside…
Then they would fly off and a giant
Golden Eagle would arrive…sit on the fence post
And watch me…It would stare…

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