TTIP-off? Greenpeace leaks confirm protesters weren’t kicking up a fuss over nothing

Picture in your mind some poor soul digging his own grave reluctantly with a gun to his head. We have all helped to dig this grave and the signing of the TTIP would mean the hole is finished and ready to be filled with our still twitching bodies. Anyone care to be buried alive?

[Editor’s note: We expect one or all of the following to occur in the coming months. 

a) Greenpeace journalists will die from any one of the following: 1. a drug overdose 2. Heart attack. 3. Motor Car Accident. 4. Cancer caused from Plutonium needle. These are only some examples. 

b) “ISIS”will bomb more centres in Europe and the UK. 

c) The flood of “refugees” will continue unabated. The creation of a refugee crisis flooding into any country is to increase unemployment, put more of a burden on social security and ultimately to get rid of minimum wage laws meaning that the US Corporations who hope to now enter the European Union will be able to make more profits thanks to lower wages.

d) More flooding but from weather warfare, heavy rainfall this spring and summer and in the coming winter of 2016-2017, heavy snow. ] 

by Danielle Ryan, RT: 

Protesters hold a placard with pictures depicting German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. President Barack Obama as they demonstrate against Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement ahead of Obama's visit in Hanover, Germany April 23, 2016. © Kai Pfaffenbach

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